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In the midst of the rolling hills and pastoral country sides of northern Knox County, in the heart of Amish Country in Ohio, Emily Spiers and her family live on a small yet active farm. She and her husband of over 20 years have created a safe place for their kids to run, fish in the creek, climb trees, ride four-wheelers, swing in giant tire swings, and enjoy all of the experiences that rural life has to offer.

The family raises chickens for eggs, steers, turkeys, and broilers for meat, goats for milk, a large garden for canning, and a small orchard and berry patch to add fruit to the pantry and freezer. They enjoy walking in the woods during the spring and summer to gather mushrooms, berries, nuts, and other wild foods. In an effort to add to her family’s rural ecopreneurship, Emily decided to try her hand at soap making.

Darian works off the farm and is Emily’s greatest support. If she can dream it up, he can build it. If she breaks it, he can fix it. He is what she refers lovingly to as “Soap Support.”  They are a team who work together to continue to provide a life that allows and permits their kids, family, and friends, to experience peace, joy, and grace the minute they step on their farm.

As the kids have grown and the family has gone from the ‘kids at home’ to almost ’empty nesters,’ a few things have remained the same: dinner is at 6:00 each night and it’s eaten while sitting around the table and talking, laughing, and catching up on each others days.  Home is still a safe place to land and a safe place to fall apart when the pressures of the world press in. Home is still where mama and daddy provide a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, wisdom if sought, and help if asked for. Home is still an open door, an open fridge, and open hearts.

Instead of play dates with other families, there are now have family deck dates. In the summer evenings the deck is the gathering place after dinner to talk and simply enjoy the time together.  Instead of sitting down to work on history books or math problems, it’s going out to the shop to work on truck transmissions and car air conditioners. Instead of kissing boo-boos or refereeing arguments, it’s listening to tales from jobs and encouraging wise decisions. Instead of wallowing in what has passed, it reveling in what is.

There was a reason why Emily chose to name her soap Live.Simple. For as much as it’s an expression and extension of their lifestyle, it’s also a reminder and tender call to others to sit back, listen to the birds sing, enjoy the sunset, listen to the children laughing, smell the scents of the seasons, and enjoy this life- for it’s so fleeting. It’s a sweet reminder to everyone to live simple.





I’m keeping this part of the site so the transition can be seen but these next couple of paragraphs are from the ‘past.’

Homeschooling has given the family the freedom to identify, explore, and develop interests and passions  in many different areas. Their daughter, Kate, has explored everything from quilting at age 8, to creating her own baking company and selling her goods at the local farmers market at age 9, to buying, breeding, and raising Alpine goats for milk and Boer goats to sell as 4H projects. She also leans heavily towards music having taken piano lessons since the age of 7 and playing the guitar since age 14. She is the wrapper and packager for Live.Simple. She is also a photographer and many of the photos used on this site are hers.

Christopher is the animal whisperer. He took an avid interest in pigeons and has been raising Birmingham Roller Pigeons since age 12. His interest in birds, be it turkeys or pigeons, has become more than a passing fancy. Ever since he was a little boy, he has always been able to communicate with animals in a way that seems almost other-worldly. His love of the outdoors is the driving force in his life. If he’s not in the house, it is almost a guarantee to find him out in the woods or over at the creek simply enjoying his surroundings. He is the cutter and stamper of each Live.Simple. bar. He is also the woodworking apprentice and helped make the soap cutter, all the molds, and the liner insert.